Bikes are custom made to order or we may have some in-stock at times. All bikes are assembled first and tested to make sure all is working. They are then slightly disassembled & packed. All bikes come with easy picture instruction and are approx. 80% pre-assembled. They come with a CO2 tank for the air system (tank is empty for shipping). You can fill the CO2 up at most sporting good or paintball stores which only cost about $5 a fill.

A tank will last approx. 250-400 times airing the bike up & down. If you run out of air or do not want to use any air, you can still ride the bike all the up by locking down the pin bolt (instruction will show location & how to). Standard bike weight limit is approx. 215lb, if your over 215lbs we have an upgraded system option available that can hold up to approx. 325lbs. Bikes are sold with no warranty.
Buyer takes full responsibility for the bike, his/hers/or others actions & operation
of the bike. * Patent Pending

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